Conman. With style.


Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 29
From: Been too many places, can’t remember.
Occupation: Officially – a courier. Unofficially – A conman/smuggler.

6’2”, blond hair, very attractive, well built. He holds himself loosely, as if he’s always relaxed, but in reality is always ready to fight or run. He has an easy, infectious smile that puts people off guard. His right eye is cybernetic, though you can’t tell. It is able to wirelessly interface with just about any computer system, which allows him to mentally hack into just about anything.

The self-proclaimed “Best Liar in the Universe”, it may very well be true. An expert on what makes people tick; he’s been known to sell ocean-front real estate on a barren asteroid. Extremely likable, and has lies upon lies, so even if he’s caught, you never know if you ever really found out the truth.

Not that he’s a bad person. He has a soft spot for lost causes and people who have been taken advantage of (ironically). He typically only cons those who he believes can afford it. Or those he believes deserve it. One or the other.

He doesn’t seem to be closed off about himself, but as his story changes with whoever he’s talking to, you never know if he’s given you the whole truth, part of the truth, or any truth.

He is extremely likable, and most people tend to trust him. If you can get him to like you, however, he’ll be somewhat loyal. At least, until you do something to break his trust. In which case he’ll take everything you own and leave you crying in the street, blaming yourself and never knowing it was him.


He’s been so many places he honestly can’t remember where home is. He’s traveled to just about every star system, lived in every nation, and applied his trade everywhere he goes. Cons, scams, and the odd bit of honest work (when he’s feeling noble) have kept him and his small Infinity Class ship running.

While he is good at what he does, he’s been caught more than once, and has gotten to know the prison systems of the varying worlds and nations…intimately. Still, if there’s one thing he does better than lie, it’s getting out of tight situations. His cybernetic eye helps with that. It’s shielded from almost any kind of detection, unless he’s actually using it. When he’s using it, those who are paying attention will see the small glowing blue lines that mark the cybernetic parts, and a blue light in his pupil. He’s become an expert at only using it when others can’t see.

Although his ship is small enough to be run by one person, he usually has a crew of three others to help. But not right now. Unfortunately, his most recent cons have been going downhill. One of his crew betrayed him, another died in the escape from the authorities, and the third…well, the third is gone. Of course, he understands. It’s all business. Just like it’ll be business to stick his knife in his former crew member’s neck the next time he sees her. Nothing personal.

But the various governments are now looking for him, and he’s on his own. Thankfully, he was able to change the registration of his ship, but he needs a place to hide out. And maybe find a dollar or two that need to be rescued from their current owners.


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