Melody Felix

A hacker on a mission

  • Race: Human
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 22
  • From the Terran Republic

Physical Appearance
5 foot 4. White. Petite. Dark brown hair, which is usually worn in a braid. Blue-green eyes. She always wears a specific necklace — a silver trinity knot pendant on a black cord.

Quiet. Polite. Persistent. She doesn’t make friends quickly or easily. She can come across as intellectual — perhaps more so than one would expect for her age. She has a keen interest in mythology and symbology. No skill in combat. Some talent for stealth.


She is a Computer Science major fresh out of college. Working at a help desk isn’t what she expected she’d be doing with her degree. But she has another reason for being here — one she’s secretive about.

Melody was adopted by the Felixes as a young toddler. The trinity knot necklace is the only clue she has about her birth parents. The story she heard growing up is that a space-sailor brought her to the orphanage, and he found Melody wearing that necklace. Now that Melody is an adult and out of college, she is determined to get some answers.

Melody took her necklace to a jeweler back home. He tracked the maker’s mark to a silversmith who works in one of the space station’s theme parks. Landing the internship provided her with a cheap ticket on board.

Melody Felix

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