Station information


Discovered over 150 years ago, a floating hulk in an abandon system, it was being used as a secret pirate base. Unfortunately, this discovery was made by Javier Driscol, a wealthy trader, whose family had been killed in a pirate raid. He spent the next ten years in capturing the base and exterminating the pirates.
This gained him a reputation, a few well deserved accolades and enough money to begin exploring the station and refurbishing it, as a frontier waystation for exploration and settlement in this quadrant. He met with minimal success.
The Mysterion system, as Javier had named it, was on the edge of little that would attract settlers or explores in any major numbers.
He sold it to a consortium of industrial companies who were looking to sell what they could of the alien station. Again this met with minimal success, as strange things began happening after some of the stations items were ripped out to extract enough cash to make a profit.

A change in corporate direction had the station being turned into a refuge for those in need. Medical facilities were installed, along with ship repair and refueling capabilities. At this time about 60% of the station had been reclaimed. Again, this barely made a profit.
Sixty one years, its current owner, Malcom Bainbridge, acquired it and began to turn it into a pleasure/vacation destination. Gambling of all types, and four theme parks were built, all supporting Malcom’s eccentric penchant for Earth history. The four parks are: Ancient Earth, Renaissance Earth, Earth War’s and Fantasy Earth.
SIZE: 10,500,000 tons, for comparison the Iowa class battleships were about 46,000 tons, of which only 75% is reclaimed.
BUILDERS: Unknown. Whoever they were, they were very close to humans in physiology. A few extra exotic elements, the noble gasses, each around 1% concentration, at the expense of Oxygen, Nitrogen and Carbon dioxide. Their written language was alien but somewhat similar to the pictorial languages of the Egyptians, Inca, and Mayan, Chinese and Japanese cultures.

ALIENS: Nearby alien races.
Velusians: A human(oid) race. They are bi-ocular. They have two eyes but one in the front and the other in the back of their heads. Their vison is degraded compared to human norm, at the upper and lower end of the spectrum. Hearing is the same. In general they are a reserved species, not overly fond of helmets, except in emergencies. They average 1.3 meters in height and 90kg in weight.

Krellians: A humanoid/saurian race. They need a 3% concentration of Argon in their air. They have four digits on each hand. In appearance they are similar to the dragons on earth myth, but no wings. Slang terms for them are ‘George’ or ‘Puff’

Tolneds: A humanoid race that is fascinated/infatuated with computer technology. They do other things but they love tech. They been trying for years to create a working robot, but so far they’ve reported no success.

Imperator: Marcellus Sulla Agrippa
Proconsul of Security: Derrick Mathew Fontaine
Proconsul of Fiscal Operations: Tempest Marie Driscol
Proconsul of Trade: Khristah Zharn Clek (A Krellion)
Consul of Marketing and PR: Diana Sparrow
Consul of Consumer Relations: Melvin Scarlet
Consul of Engineering: Alexandra Casanova
Consul of Station Management: Mizak Ketch ( a Tolned)

Bob’s Beer and BBQ: Bob is human
Sznat’s Refurbished Emporium: Sznat is a Velusian
Dress for Success: A high end clothing and haberdashery run by Vilantha, a human
Trust but Verify: A store that sell spying gear. Run by Uxbex, nobody knows what Uxbex is.
Sleep as you Need: By the hour or by the day. Run by Martha Gainbridge

There are several intergalactic governments, though nothing in quadrant Gamma has brought any major interest.
1: The Terran Republic: “Freedom is Life.”
2: The Galactic People’s Republic: “Willing to share everything you own.”
3: The Hegemony of the Strass: “A good commander wins; A great commander wins and has losses.”
4: The Ursoid Imperium: “The strength of it’s warriors, is the strength of it’s government.”

Velusians: The closest race to the station, 2 light years. They have a sphere consisting of four systems. Their government is a representative democracy based on wealth. Every five years each family’s wealth is recalculated and their vote allotment is altered, for power in the Myrsah. Each family gets three votes in the Shorsah.
The unexplainable episodes that that have happened on the station, they attribute to the Zubrok and Tyrok, hard terms to translate to terran but they can mean, good or bad spirits; young or old; mischievous or harmful. Each family keeps a Rok sanctuary, though terrans call it a garden, of remembrance for their spirits.
Velusians have a life span on average of 95 years. They keep their hair short in the front and back and longer on the sides. Many even have a bald stripe over the middle of their heads. They average 1.2 meters and 90kg.

Krellians: Also close to the station, about 4 light years away. They have a sphere consisting of six systems. They have been three Krellian-Velusian wars. The last one ended 35 years ago. Krellians say that the unexplainable events are caused by the hardrak, spirits of the dead who weren’t buried with proper ceremony. Krellian myth says that the station was made by the creation of the Ancient Gods, who fell from the gods favor and were cursed with death.

Krellians are stronger than humans and otherwise have normal physical features. They discovered a hatred for the Strass, which is rather mutual. Krellians like axes and swords for personal combat, but any melee weapon is acceptable. They average 1.5 meters and 100kg in weight and are hairless.

Tolneds: They have a two system state and multiple colonies in the quadrant. Due to their low population, they have embraced technology as a way to increase their standard of living. They have an oligarchy government based on age. The elders of each clan, rule the clan. A great clan, or nation, is 3 to 6 clans and the two eldest from the component clans rule the great clan. The Great Clans have a conclave that meets every three months to conduct business. They are about 7 light years away. They were neutral during the Velusian-Krellian wars.
They average 1.1 meters and 85 kg. They have no facial hair but otherwise are the closest to human looking.

Terran Republic: The good guys, or so they think and say. Their main foe I the GPR, but they’ve fought the Strass and Ursoids as well. Currently allied with the Ursoid Imperium.

The Galactic Peoples Republic: A communist state, everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others. Their overall tech is lower than the Terran Republic but they have the capacity to equal the Terrans. Human refugees from two of Earth’s civil wars, they have also fought the others.
The Hegemony of the Strass: An ophidian race, with a caste society. They are not friendly with the Krellians. Feel that all other races are or could be food. They have a population problem, such that life has little value, especially for the lower classes. A commander could win an important battle and lose over have his command, and be decorated by both the military and bureau of population control. Overall tech is lower than the GPR but their intelligence network is top notch.

The Ursoid Imperium: An empire ruled by a humanoid race of bears. Their culture is similar to the medieval cultures of Japan and China, if not pushed too far. They average 1.6 meters and 110kg. They have an honor code that stresses Empress, family, personal and professional, yet not always in that order. Money is a tool, like a weapon but less than. How it’s used is as important as how you acquire it. They are the smallest of the major powers but, one on one the best warriors. There tech is good. Their major enemies… what week is it?

Laser, both in pistol and rifle are about, uncommon due more to expense. A laser rifle can cost 6k to 7k and a pistol in the 3k range. Your standard ‘bullet’ guns run 300 to 1k with ammo in the 100-300/clip or 200/box of 50. The Terrans seem to like lasers more than other races, perhaps due to them being rechargeable and of lighter weight.
Battle dress, powered suits or armor are expensive 750,000 each. They are reserved for elite planetary assault units and special guards. The next best armor is ‘combat armor’, very similar to what the storm troopers wear at 30,000 each. After that is the breast plate, helmet, etcetera, about 5,000 each but that isn’t of any help in a vacuum.
Ships travel by hyper and the Terran Republic and Ursoid Imperium have the best, 10hrs/light year. The GPR can do 15hrs/light year and the Strass are 18hrs/light year. Merchants are uniformly 20hrs/light year unless they pay for faster, most don’t.


Bob’s Beer and BBQ: Run by Bob. Shoulder length brown, straight hair and green eyes. Beer is beer but is BBQ BBQ? Bob is a outgoing and friendly person. He does delivery and has room for a little over 100 patrons.
Sznat’s Refurbished Emporium: Run by Sznat’s, a Velusian. It sells refurbished equipment and other stuff. He loves to talk, seems to know a lot about a lot. Good business man.
Dress for Success: A high end clothing and haberdashery. Vilantha makes and sells clothing for all races, expensive but good quality in good time, very little off the rack clothing. Vilantha is a human female, blonde wavy hair and blue eyes. She may be marries, she may not. Many have ask for her hand but she just laughs them away and says nothing.
Trust but Verify: Run by Uxbex. Nobody knows what Uxbex is. He changes his outfit every 3-6 months. It always has some sort of face mask and covers most of the body. Uxbex is in the 5’10” range. Male, well sounds male and his eyes are always visible, they are black.
Sleep as You Need: Martha Bainbridge, a buxom human red head and her husband, Stefanos, own this, though she runs it. She’s known to help run away lovers marry; abused wives or husbands get help. Even allow prostitutes to rent rooms. “The bed is used for sleeping but most of the time that’s after the springs have been put to use.”

The middle section of the station is where the docks, seedier inns and bars and all commerce take place. The elevators go to the top and bottom from here. The four levels below the main promenade are locked to a special visitor’s band. The four vacation parks are here, along with hotels and the tourist store that go with them. Security is extremely tight and NO weapons are allowed. There are scanners, searches and even special digs used to check for such.
Below them are the factories, smelters and such that supply most of what is made or eaten on the station.
Below that are the garbage and sewage disposal, along with the recycling facilities.
Below that are the stations engineering and fuel sections.
Above the main promenade are several levels for gambling. Each level has it’s own theme, racing, skill, gambling and fighting.
Above them are the high end restaurants and hotels.
Above them are the main command and communication facilities.

Station information

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